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Brand Content

In our third year of existence, GlassView is now working with 80 of the top 100 global brands. You read that right. Not an easy feat and a testament to what’s to come. Tap into our pipeline of premium brand content from the best advertisers.

Solve Mobile

Now that everyone who is anyone has a smartphone, mobile traffic is taking over. The challenge for advertisers is that small screens don’t have the real estate for traditional display advertising. Of course GlassView thought up a solution for that! Our dynamically changing player happens to fit beautifully into mobile devices. We can also implement editorially driven native ads for mobile.


You’ve never seen numbers like this! The GlassView platform drives unprecedented revenue via premium brand content and natively integrated placements on virtually any platform, including mobile, desktop and apps. Our product gives you a valuable inside look at your audience that helps you bump up your sales on branded content.


Today’s viewers have more choice than ever on what they watch and how. With our customizable video player, we help consumers choose the content they want to view on your site. Our experience and analytics of over 910 billion video views means that we can customize content based on specific consumer preferences and in turn create a better experience for your users

Your Reach

Tap into the GlassView network to expand the reach of your direct sold campaigns, build an audience for your organic content, or drive incremental revenue from more traffic. Our team will show you how!

The Technology
Behind the Data

Our proprietary technology is designed to translate video activity into insight that fuels your brand’s success. Our platform powers real time action for optimizing campaigns, and it stores these insights to inform future strategies.


GlassView’s tools are made to fit with your site’s existing look and feel. Our customizable player and native embed features ensure that advertising seamlessly integrates with your website design so your site looks great to visitors. In fact, we have the only fully functional branded video player that works across all devices to ensure that all viewers have uninterrupted access to your content. We utilize 3 main embed formats: in-feed, in-page and in-stream. These variable formats guarantee that new content fits within any context. Visually customizing the player also allows you to maximize user participation.

Seamless Integration

GlassView integrates seamlessly into your existing ad server, webpage, or native app, by adding short pieces of front-end code. You can literally start to monetize your site within minutes!

Maintain Your Site’s Look & Feel

GlassView native ads are like living content that use real-time template technology to adopt the unique layout and design of individual publisher pages and application designs.

Client testimonials

I have the best experience working with GlassView on various great campaigns they provide. Their team is very responsive and easy to work with. Merci GlassView!

Clémence von Mueffling
Founder of the online magazine Beauty and Well Being

Given that he has worked on some of the most successful social video campaigns of all time, [James G. Brooks, Jr.] has an excellent understanding of campaign operations and performance. With some of the best relationships in the business, he and his team can help clients place their videos in front of the most authoritative audiences.

Dennis Colon, Vice President
Strategy and Ad Operations, CBS